My 365 project.

A picture a day. Let's see if I can keep up! All the photos on this blog are personal and belong to me.

HH from earlier today. Happy Friday, all! (Taken with Instagram at Applebee’s - Renton)

Hello, Summer! LOL. (Taken with Instagram at Applebee’s - Renton)

Cue Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ;D (Taken with Instagram at Alki Beach)


I’m back?! Haha. Obviously I’ve been gone for a while. School and life in general took over and I couldn’t find the time to keep up. I guess for now this will be a place where I share my Summer and photos. And today is the first official of Summer! Yaaay! I spent Summer’s eve with my friends from high school yesterday. The best! Here’s to a wonderful Summer for everyone! First photo coming your way…


Hello, everyone! As much as I enjoy doing this, I just feel like I don’t have the time anymore. I just have a lot going on and it’ll be hard for me to post. On top of that, I’m having computer problems. :( Most of the time I post new entries from my iPhone. I’m able to keep up with taking pictures but posting new entries is the issue! Haha. Maybe I’ll come back and post all my photos. Until then, I’ll be seeing ya! ;)


After almost an entire month, those Hello Kitty cases I ordered on eBay finally came today in the mail. Sheesh! I think they’re super cute and all but you definitely get what you pay for (I paid just about $5/each). They’re definitely cheap. And you can tell. But it’s all good. I’ll still use ‘em! LOL.


Ate Zhy recently came back from the Philippines. She got me a coffe mug that says “Bisita Pilipinas” which translates in to “Visit the Philippines” as my pasalubong. And the box was super cute too! It says “MADE IN THE PHILIPPINES.” I loved it :)


So, this quarter I opted for renting textbooks from Chegg. I was a little skeptikal at first but I went ahead with it anyway. Turned out to be a great choice and I saved hundreds of dollars. But when I opened my box I found this on top. Has anyone ever heard of “Square?” I have, through the news and all. It’s a card-reader. I just thought it was cool they sent me one. But I think it might be used so I’m not sure if I’m supposed to return it when I send my book back? Haha!


Finally, I’m caught up! Haha. I have been super swamped with school and everything in general. The sun was out shining this morning. It’s always beautiful on I-90 (it’s a floating bridge) when the sun is out.


Pickups from the day before. Unexpected finds at Claire’s! I’ve been searching for a really cute HK iPhone case that I haven’t really seen around. The earrings were each $4.50, so cheap! And I was so happy that the HK case worked for my Verizon iPhone! "super gleek" + Hello Kitty = ME! Most definitely! ;)